Daedalus: Alien Defense

Well, after some discussion, we've decided that further POTD's would tend to show stuff that we really don't want people to see until after they're playing the game (spoilers, y'know...) 

However, there have been over a hundred pictures so far, and though we don't want to put them here on our site, we've created a Yahoo! photo album of them.  That's really better anyway, because you can do slideshows, view thumbnails, etc. without us wasting time building all that into our web pages.

Unfortunately we don't have the blurbs to go along with it--they don't have a comment area and the filename titles are too short.  We might do something about that, but usually it was just a bunch of drivel I (Ty) typed up in a fit of near-sobriety anyway. 

So... off to the album with ye!    Make your mouse go clicky here.

Daedalus POTD page