Ultra-Violence Demos

One day, George Bell wrote a note to TeamTNT.

That was his first mistake.

As discussions went on, he decided that he'd try to do Ultra-Violence demos of all the levels in Icarus: Alien Vanguard.

Well, he did it. The rules were:

  1. Start with a pistol
  2. Get 100% kills
  3. Get 100% secrets

Some levels you can't do #3. Not George's fault, our fault. There is a secret too skinny to fit a Space Marine butt into, and one that you can't get to in single player mode. OK, we'll give him those as documented problems.

Right up to the end, even George couldn't do MAP28 (Excavations) and get 100% kills. And every monster is accessible. Problem is, there's not much ammo to spare. Like none. George went into god mode, went right up to every monster point-blank and shot 'em. Had 5 shells left when he got done. So it's pretty impressive to watch that one when he did it without godmode and ended up empty-handed at the exit.

You can download George's demos by clicking here. Get the associated text file here.

The files are separate .LMP files, one for each level, all contained in a single ZIP file. Unpack them into your DOOM2 directory, and run them like this (the example is for the MAP15 demo):


Uppercase isn't important, and be sure not to include the ".LMP" on the end of the demo filename. Sorry, but DOOM2 won't run them if they're not in the DOOM2 directory.


  1. Demos are for version 1.9 of DOOM2. If you have version 1.666 or 1.7a, you'll need to convert the demo (or, preferably, upgrade your DOOM version) to see them.
  2. Notes that George made about the levels as he played them are in the table below, including some ratings.
  3. George's opinions might not be shared by the authors of the levels....heh.
  4. If your browser doesn't support HTML Tables, get a better browser. Uh, that is--click here for a text-table version of this table.
Map Name Time Difficulty Fun Look Comments
MAP01 Shuttlecraft 6:51 Med 3 3 Tricky!
MAP02 Shuttle Bay 4:58 Easy 2 1 Easy to get lost on
MAP03 Quarry 4:56 Easy 2 2 Good barrel frags
MAP04 Engineering 3:19 Easy 2 2 A short one
MAP05 Flipside 6:33 Easy 3 3 Interesting concept
MAP06 P.E.T. Rescue 4:05 Easy 2 2 Watch the ammo here
MAP07 Sickbay 5:05 Easy 2 1 Use your fist
MAP08 Donnybrook 6:54 Med 3 2 Complex yellow key hunt
MAP09 The Moat 8:10 Hard 2 3 Don't be afraid of the dark!
MAP10 Bridge 4:31 Easy 2 2 Plasma gun slaughter
MAP11 Feeding Frenzy 26:32 Med 2 3 249 monsters to munch on
MAP12 Hydroponics 16:53 Med 3 3 Cool look
MAP13 Asylum 8:44 Easy 2 2 Max secrets = 0%
MAP14 Fortress of Evil 15:13 Med 2 3 Very symmetric level
MAP15 Waste Disposal 5:30 Easy 1 1 Max secrets = 75%
MAP16 Bootcamp 14:38 Med 3 2 Many traps in this one
MAP17 Bloodbath 14:34 Hard 2 2 Spider killed with fist!
MAP18 Cargo Bay 17:18 Hard 3 2 This is a challenge
MAP19 Blessed are the Quick 10:09 Med 2 2 Too many demons
MAP20 WarTemple 20:25 Med 2 3 Very clever design
MAP21 Engine Core 12:48 Med 3 2 Barely enough ammo here
MAP22 Nightfall 8:22 Med 2 3 A fast, dangerous route
MAP23 Painful Discharge 16:04 Med 3 2 Maybe hard, lots of fun
MAP24 The Haunting 16:29 Med 3 3 Ghosts! 123% kills
MAP25 Another Fine Mess 27:59 Hard 3 2 Wild Arch-Vile stunt!
MAP26 Weapons Bay 5:41 Med 2 2 A fast one
MAP27 Starhenge 9:44 Med 2 3 Depth used well here
MAP28 Excavations 18:15 Hard 2 2 Chronic ammo shortage
MAP29 Brutality 14:09 Med 3 2 Easy Cyberdemon to kill
MAP30 Nuclear Core 0:43 Easy 1 1 Simple
MAP31 Great Balls of Fire 5:53 Easy 1 2 Not enough monsters
MAP32 Prestidigitation 5:36 Med 3 3 Fun Level

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