TeamTNT Secrets Central

Secrets for all of TeamTNT's single/coop games are here!

Secrets in all of the levels have been identified by sector number as well as a text description. Additional hints and tips are also included for some levels. The secret list for each set of 32 levels is now on its own page, to avoid huge page load times.

This is not intended to be a complete FAQ. There are full ultraviolence demos of all of our levels available off the Demo Central pages if you get stuck. Please contact us at the address on our home page if you find any errors or discrepancies in these secrets/hints lists.

Please note that Final DOOM is not supported directly by TeamTNT. TeamTNT made the levels, new music and textures, all that stuff, but didn't make the EXE and didn't package it and sell it. It is an id Software product and questions should go to their help facilities.

Here's the index to the secrets lists--just pick the one you want:

  • TNT:Evilution (Final DOOM) -- list by Chris Call
  • The Plutonia Experiment (Final DOOM) -- list by Daphne Halderman
  • Icarus: Alien Vanguard -- list by Jim Kennedy

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