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12 January 2008 08:49

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Friday 11 January 2008
Eternal DOOM IV: Return from Oblivion
7-map Teaser has been released

Eternal DOOM IV: Return from Oblivion has now been released to the archives.  Mirrors will catch up in a few hours.   This link (Berlin) now works for download and most of the other mirrors either have or will shortly catch up.  It's "only" 7 levels, but the zip is 16MB and it's nearly 50MB unpacked.

Temporary link here at TeamTNT has therefore now been disabled.  Thanks to those who downloaded.

POTDs are still uploading every day, though we're going back through the original cycle now.  Link here to that.

Sunday 9 September 2007
Returning to the Return
A bit more information on current status 

So far we have completed 7 very large maps. We intend to release this set as a "teaser", after which we will work on making it a true megawad. We expect a teaser release in a couple of months, and a wider release a year or more later.

So you won't be all that bored in the meantime, as of the 15th of September we'll be putting up a POTD (Pic of the Day, for the acronyphobes).  We figure if we're a bit slow on the teaser release, that's more D's but we can always shoot some more P's.  I'd be setting that up today but I ran out of time and want to automate it because I'll be out of the country during part of the period.

On another note, I really need to clean up this website, but I sort of hate to do anything that might destroy the legacy information.  I guess I'll probably just put a new face on it with some smaller info pages for the various projects, and leave a link to the site as it is now-ish for thrill seekers.

Sunday 26 August 2007
Is this a record?
For lack of updates, that is.  

Had to fix the links--I really thought people would just go to the mirrors anyway but since is gone now I changed all of 'em to instead.  I really have just unpacked MS Expression Web so it's taken a bit of time to figure out how to do a mass find/replace in that.  99 links--not gonna do it by hand, sorry.

Now that I've broken the ice, I guess I'll dust off some information about the latest Return from Oblivion status. I'll upload that during the week. This week, not the one in 2009 you're thinking I mean.

Tuesday 18 May 2004
Websitus comple...
Who am I kidding?  I don't speak Latin.  

Or Wile-E-Coyotese, or whatever.  Anyway, we're at the new site and there are fewer than 100 broken links, so I'll consider it a success.  Now for a week's vacation.  Seeya.. 

Sunday 16 May 2004
Websitus interruptus
Moving the domain to another host.  

Not like it's important, but mail and web and such may work intermittently for a few days, weeks or months.

Wednesday 17 March 2004
A new project
TeamTNT proudly announces... 

Yup, another project. No, it's not Ragnarok, for those who are going to immediately ask that (you know who you are), but it's another great Eternal effort by many of the original Team Eternal members and some new members you'll no doubt recognize.

I guess we need a checklist for "Eternal Doom IV: Return from Oblivion" so let's make one.

[x] Huge levels (and now some hubs)
[x] Castles (with a little Sci-fi thrown in)
[x] Difficult but fair (that means some puzzles)
[x] Grandeur in all aspects of the maps
[x] Based on The Return's resources, but
[x] Lots of new textures, sprites, etc.
[x] We only map for ZDoom, so that's the engine for this one.
[x] Shooting for about a year in production

So. Exciting? It is to us. Hope it is to you, too.

In a week or so there'll be a complete section of our web site devoted to EDIV:RfO (rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? That's why we're calling it "Oblivion" internally), so check back.

Now back to your drooling over DOOM 3.

Saturday 20 December 2003
Daedalus developer info
As promised, we're starting to release some additional information on Daedalus.  

The first item is a developer package that includes all the ACS scripts along with discussions of how they are used, what the libraries use, etc.  There's also a dissertation on how I did the builds themselves over the years and a bit on how the project was coordinated.  Most ACS files are now heavily commented, including some discussion of the thought processes behind some of the functionality 


General text file describing the stuff in the zip
The zip with all the files in it  (230KB zip, 1.2MB unzipped)

Enjoy.  I'd appreciate it if discussions could be held on the forum, since most of the ZDoom developers hang out there and we won't have a bunch of threads going on different boards.  If anyone even cares :)

Wednesday 10 December 2003
Daedalus countdown
Zero.  Released.  It's in newstuff/ on now 

Here's the link to the main mirror:

We'll catch up some of the other pages on this site after a long nap.  Probably this weekend.

Daedalus POTD
A few links
Here's the link to the now stopped Daedalus POTD page:  and thence to the album of screenshots.
News postings are by Ty Halderman, in case something is said in first person singular.
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