Eternal DOOM III
is now available!

Eternal III


The culmination of over 2 years of work and many sleepless nights is now ready for you to enjoy and hate.  As with the earlier 2 releases, this third one manages to create a world unparalleled in complexity and interest.  Not only are there a full 32 levels, but you've got to play CyberSweeper a few times--it's different every time.  Then take a tour of the Credits level and see all the folks who were involved in making this product what it is.

The Eternal III Demo pack is now ready for download!  It's available at Demo Central


Eternal III

If you have Eternal II already:

Download E3UPG which will update your Eternal II to Eternal III
Get the zip file: E3UPG.ZIP   2.8MB 

If you don't already have Eternal DOOM:

Download ETERNAL which includes all the goodies from Eternal I, II and III in one package.  Installation is simple.
Get the zip file


Screen shots

See some screen shots from the new levels--get a preview of what you're in for!


More about it

Eternal DOOM has a total of 34 levels, counting one that is just used to show the credits (very cool level though!), and another, CyberSweeper, for people who take their Minesweeper playing seriously.  All of this is available and easy to run through the included Eternal Shell program, which automatically launches when you type ETERNAL after installation.  Way more than 6 savegame slots, and it'll handle launching the demos that are coming soon, with ease.

If you have Eternal II, then the upgrade will handle changes to the existing levels, texture updates, addition of the new levels, improvements to existing music as well as all new music for the new levels.  If you don't have Eternal yet, carve out a year or so to play, download the full package, and get going.  Try to remember to do your taxes when that date comes up, and look up once in a while to see if you have any family or friends left.


Eternal DOOM history and versions

Just in case the names "Eternal DOOM", "Eternal 2", "Eternal Complete", "Eternal 3" etc. are confusing, here's the lowdown:

Eternal DOOM was originally released with 13 levels plus a credits level. It was enhanced to include a total of 27 levels, and released again as Eternal DOOM. But because it was a second release, it's also been called Eternal DOOM 2.

The final completion to 32(+) levels is known within the team and to some extent publically as Eternal III, and that's really the completion levels and enhancements.  And you can go get it and have one for your very own.  So do it.


Team Eternal

As you probably noticed on our home page, Team Eternal has joined with TeamTNT to make the biggest group of DOOM editors and level designers--all here to add to your playing pleasure. There's a Team Eternal page that outlines Team Eternal and the members' contributions to Eternal DOOM.

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