The music you are listening to on these web pages was created by David Shaw. Unabashed David Shaw-hyping links and info can be found at the bottom of this page

About the Music Team:

The subteam of TeamTNT that did all the music for Icarus: Alien Vanguard was called "MusIcarus" and had the following members:

The new music in Evilution (Final DOOM) was by these very talented members:

David Shaw is the coordinator for the music for the Total Conversion project that's going on now, and has created intermission music for Bloodlands, Grievance and Pursuit. (This is the music you hear while you're reading how dead you are between levels...)

Here are some pointers to the MIDI files used for the web page backgrounds, in case your browser doesn't support background music:

Current Music Team Members:

Note if you still can't hear the music: I've added <EMBED> code to many of the pages to make it available to Netscape users. All pages with background music will have that added eventually, as the pages are changed for other reasons. I'll always use the <BGSOUND> tag in these pages, but unless I find that the <EMBED> directive is causing problems for people, I'll start making the site audible to Netscape users. Of course neither <EMBED> nor <BGSOUND> is standard HTML anyway, so there will be yet another change for multimedia-specific tags in HTML4 when that's defined.. Meanwhile just click above to hear MIDI files. Or get MS Internet Explorer--it's free, for cryin' out loud.

Thanks to Pete Jones for his assistance, patience and persistence in helping resolve the Netscape music question.

A Music Opportunity:

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